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Method Careers

Method Careers

About Method

🔮 Method Financial is an embedded banking service that allows developers to easily retrieve and pay any of their users' debts – including credit cards, student loans, car loans, and mortgages – all through a single API.

Method manages the entire data retrieval and money movement process, keeping its customers out of the flow of funds, by handling compliance requirements, identity verification, and bank partnerships. The API provides access to 15,000+ lenders in the US, covering 95% of consumer debt.

Our mission is to make personal debt management self-driven and autonomous. Method’s APIs empower users to view and pay debts on any platform, making personal debt management financial institution agnostic.

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Our Story

🗺️ Method was founded in 2021 after our founders experienced first-hand the difficulties of embedding debt repayment into their app (GradJoy).

📍We’re based in Austin, TX, but we are built as a remote-first company that enables you to do your best work from anywhere.

💼 We raised a $2.5 million round backed by Y Combinator, top investors including Ardent, Live Oak VP, and Leonis Capital. We're also backed by founders and leaders of Truebill, Upstart, and Goldman Sachs.


We believe people do their best work when they are healthy and happy. Our founding team is in Austin, TX, and Washington, DC, but we are remote-first company.

💰 Competitive Salary + Equity
  • All offers at Method come with salary & equity.
  • Equity in the company in the form of stock options, with a one-year cliff, four year vesting period and 10 year exercise window.
  • We want to ensure that everyone on the team is building upside as we grow the company.
  • We target salary at the 50th percentile and equity at 75th percentile of peer companies.
  • We annually review compensation to adjust based on performance & impact.
🧑‍💻 Remote First + Flexible Work Schedule
  • Method is a fully distributed company allowing you to work from anywhere in the world.
  • Synchronous co-working with the team is important for maximizing collaboration and productivity. However, we care about the impact of your work, not the specific hours you are working.
🏡 Home Office Stipend + Hardware
  • We'll equip you with the latest hardware to support your productivity. This includes high-resolution display, laptop, keyboard, and trackpad.
  • Expense $3,000 per year on making your work-from-home setup comfortable. This could include buying a standing desk, ergonomic chair, co-working subscription, etc.
  • If you need something else to be successful in your role, just ask!
🏖️ Unlimited PTO
  • There are no official company holidays, so take the all the time you need based on your personal situation.
  • We require you to take a minimum of 10 days off per year.
  • We want to keep you fresh and rested while giving you the flexibility you require.
🏥 Full Health Care
  • Your well-being is critical. We provide top of the line health care plans that include vision and dental. We want to ensure that you are healthy and taken care of.
📚 Learning Stipend
  • Expense up to $1,000 per year on personal development and learning.
  • This could include books, Audible, newsletters, newspapers, podcasts, classes, Headspace, MasterClass, etc.
👶 Paid Parental Leave
  • Fully paid parental leave for up to 4 months
🏫 Student loan repayment
  • Yearly contribution to your student loans of $5,250!